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First Choice Medical Associates, Inc. was established with an emphasis on patient empowerment and preventive medicine.  Our patients over the years have seen our desire to set up a practice with the type of individual attention that we think each patient deserves, and that insurance companies see as a waste of time.  After careful deliberation and much planning - we are opening that new kind of practice that stands for everything we believe it:  affordability, high effectiveness, and a start to finish pleasant experience for the patient! We have a variety of services available, from prevention and modern diagnostics, to psychological health and nutrition; you will feel the attention to your specific needs. This is what boutique/concierge medicine stands for and we are so proud to be bringing you a practice where quality will not be compromised by quantity and where each and every life counts! 

Too many of us have experienced how difficult it is to get a hold of a physician - just to get a call back usually requires several days of calls to their office - our physician will be your partner, your friend, and will always be available when you need her. In addition to primary care, we are making a variety of services to be performed by our doctor or under her direct supervision, available right at our location: a breadth of aesthetic procedures - lasers and anti-aging, back pain, urine incontinence, ultrasound diagnostics, and even eastern medicines such as acupuncture and more.  

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You will no longer have that disjointed feeling of having to go to a multitude of places for your well being, and not having a single physician who knows the whole story - from your first visit, our doctors will spend 30-40 minutes with you to evaluate your current condition, discuss disease prevention, conditions specific to your age or situation, and will devise the best path for you, which does not have to include the magic prescription pad.  That is why you will feel like you finally have a partner in your medical care.  We know that this type of concierge medicine is so much better for our patients, and that is why we are absolutely ecstatic to be bringing it to you! 
At First Choice Medical, we get to know each of our patients personally and strive to make our practice their medical home.  Please join us so that we can give you the healthcare that you deserve.

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1045 Atlantic Ave. #511, Long Beach, CA 90813