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First Choice Medical Group was established in 1987 and promotes the highest quality medical care for their patients by carefully choosing staff members who encompass similar values.

First Choice Medical Group is a Family Practice made up of 3 board certified family medicine doctors and 1 board certified family medicine physician assistant.  When asked, “What is a family medicine doctor?” we can proudly say that we are medical providers to all age groups at all life stages of health and disease.  We are specialists in common diseases.  Our role is to preserve your health and to treat illnesses with the most effective tools available whether it be lifestyle coaching, medication, minor surgical procedure, or referral to another specialist.  A complete physical exam can also serve to help us pick up early diagnoses that may otherwise go unnoticed by patients.

Our goal at First Choice Medical is not only to manage disease but to prevent it.  Our primary role as doctors is to help patients reach their individual potential for health and wellbeing.  We emphasize personalized care and shared decision making with our patients.  We treat you as a member of our family.  Our mission at First Choice Medical has and always will be to provide comprehensive health care driven by evidence-based medicine in a supportive and empathetic environment.

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1045 Atlantic Ave. #511, Long Beach, CA 90813